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The second EU-UN Brussels conference on “Supporting the future of Syria and the region” will be held on 24 and 25 April at the European Headquarters.

The first day of the conference on 24 April will focus on a dialogue with NGOs from Syria and the region. More than 200 NGOs will gather in Brussels to provide concrete operational recommendations to the ministerial part of the conference on 25 April.

The ministerial-level conference will take place on Wednesday, 25 April. Public parts of the conference on 25 April can be watched via the European Council streaming platform at

Please find attached the latest revised top line messages as well as facts and figures in English and Arabic shared by OCHA for use on social media.

OCHA has begun rolling out its on-line advocacy campaign for the conference under the hashtags #SyriaConf2018 and #InvestinHumanity on its corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as on Mark [email protected] accounts.

In Syria the humanitarian response was only 14.6 percent funded as of mid-April 2018.

All background documents, fact sheets and communications materials are available on the European Union official website for the conference at : Please go to this website for any updates. After the conference wraps up on 25 April, the European Council intends to issue summary notes of the conference linking to all outcome documents.



Here is also a recap of the main events (Brussels’s time):

Tuesday 24 April

Day of Dialogue with NGOs

13:00: Joint press point by HRVP Mogherini and UNSE de Mistura following meeting with Syria civil society representatives.

Wednesday 25 April

Audiovisual coverage here:

07:30 Arrivals and doorstep opportunities for participants – LIVE streamed

09:00 Round table and opening remarks of EU (HRVP) and UN – LIVE streamed

10:00 Family photo

11:45 Remarks of Cssr Hahn at parallel session on inclusive human capital development and economic recovery for the region – LIVE streamed

12:45 Press conference by HRVP and UN (USG/ERC Lowcock and UNSE de Mistura) – LIVE streamed

14:30 Remarks of Cssr Stylianides at parallel session on humanitarian protection issues inside Syria – LIVE streamed

18:15 +/- closing remarks by HRVP Mogherini and USG Lowcock, with announcement of total pledges – LIVE streamed